Wednesday, November 9, 2011

GO makes a surprise ..

Remember GO? For those who don't, here's a story about him and why he is my baby ... for those who do, he brought me a surprise last night. It was so good that I actually screamed out loud in the middle of Greenbelt 3, thus surprising a LOT of people. I didn't care. I was too busy hugging him out of sheer delight.


This is why. I have been wanting Vienna since I first saw it but have lost hope that I will ever get it. GO made sure that I got it and he surprised me with it last night.

Eeeekkkk! Thank you GO! Seriously, I'm still smiling until now.


  1. waaahhhh.... im so envious of your starbucks mug. of all the countries in europe, i only wanted to go to austria... i swear!

  2. I smiled when you mentioned screaming out loud in a mall. :D

    Those kinds of happy outbursts are priceless. :P

  3. unexpected gifts are always the best

  4. @ wandering tandem: IKR? Super nice pa ng design niyan.

    @ yanna: wala talaga akong paki sa mga tao. I was jumping up and down.

    @ totomai: You said it!

  5. Soon, you'll have one from the Mid East. :))

  6. hahaha! yan ba ang reaksiyon ng excited? LoL..hahaha


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