Friday, November 25, 2011

poor wiccan ...

Our dog's ear started swelling o ver a week ago. At first we thought it was just an insect bite that would go away. A week later, it was still swelling and she was starting to walk with her head tilted because it was becoming too heavy for her.

One of my brothers brought her to the vet and much to our surprise, she apparently has hematoma. She was taken in for surgery and is now recovering. We do feel bad for her because she's having a hard time with the Elizabethan funnel but it's also been a source of laughter since last night.

Teehee. Sorry Wiccanrose.


  1. Awww.. poor Wiccan Rose.. Hope she recovers soon :) We have a chihuahua too. Although she's not sick, she has a small wound (skin allergy) on her foot just this week.. >.<

  2. I hope your dog gets better soon. I didn't even know you had a dog!


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