Sunday, November 13, 2011

te amo Cafe Ti-Amo

I have always been faithful to Starbucks, Seattles Best, and CBTL. They have always been my top 3 choices whenever I think of a coffee place that I'd like to meet a friend at or simply have some me time. However, this new place in Greenbelt 5 caught my attention last night. I tried to say no to its charm and enticement but I only managed to stay away for a few hours.

In the end, I had to betray my favorite trio and have a look at what Cafe Ti-Amo had to offer.

I loved the interior. It's very homey and refreshing. It's not cluttered and the space is just right. I especially loved the rocking chair but unfortunately, I forgot to get a shot of it.

My friend and I ordered hot drinks and I tried the Waffle Gelato because it was plastered all over. I figured, if they are promoting it that much, it had to be good right?

hot mocha with a sun design which I totally dig

waffle gelato
The coffee was just right. It wasn't too sweet and it wasn't too bitter. The waffle gelato was so so but it was worth a try because of the mint ice cream which I am a sucker for. MINT!!!!

Here I am with my friend, L. The one who treated us was not in the photo because he had to get something. However, he will be in the Kitchen entry. :)

Overall, I'd definitely give Ti-Amo another try when I go to Greenbelt. It's something new that is worth getting to know more of; just like a guy who has pique my interest. Hmmm.

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  1. I've been meaning to try this coffee shop for quite some time already. Yung SM North (Annex) branch nga lang.. :)

    Btw, that latte art is cool!

  2. coffee, coffee, chit chat, chit chat...both are nice things to do. I love sipping coffee while having a nice convy with sensible things. Way to go Kay! awesome!:))

  3. I've been looking for a Starbucks alternative, but nothing comes close. Will check this out soon. Thanks for sharing this Sis! :)

  4. nice ng foam art! ang cute :)

  5. love the hot mocha with the sub design ^_^

  6. Ansarap ng Gelato sa Cafe Ti Amo!

    Mura pa compared sa iba...


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