Friday, November 9, 2012

update: date wish list

Remember back in February when I wrote about my date wish list?

Well, out of 8, 3 have been made into a reality. All 3 were accomplished by FM. I still have 5 to go though.
  1. date at National Museum to see the Spolarium 
  2. Intramuros photo walk
  3. book shopping Spree (sorry, the bookworm in me couldn't resist)
  4. isaw date at UP 
  5. go to Quiapo and survive a day with only P500 to spend for the date 
  6. milk tea rampage (try at least 5 different ones in a day) 
  7. Antonio's and Bawai in Tagaytay (breakfast then lunch; its not dinner =) )
  8. a date where I'd get flowers, balloons, and cotton candy on a picnic 
Still ... in a span of 9 months, 3 out of 8 date wish list were granted. Not bad at all right? Not bad at all.

Thanks funny man! MWAH!

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  1. Isaw date, I love! Hopefully you'll get to fulfill all these wishes soon. :)


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