Tuesday, November 27, 2012

on raising a 7 year old boy

I am a single Mom. I have been a single Mom for the last 4 years. It hasn't been easy. I would like to say that it has been all peaches and roses but it hasn't. In fact, its been quite challenging.

Do I regret it? Yes and no. Yes, because what mother wants this kind of situation for her son? No one right? No, because I know that this is the better option for my son. I would rather that he have me as Mom and Dad than he grew up in a family where domestic violence, laziness, lying, and cheating is tolerated.

No, I do not want that for my son.

I have a son. This means that in a couple of years, he will be a man and I know that what he sees, he will imbibe. What surrounds him, he becomes.

I am a single Mom. I want to raise a boy who will turn into a man who knows what respect means. I want my son to look at a woman and see a woman that is meant to be cherished and taken cared of; not to be humiliated, slapped, or punched.

I want to raise him to be God fearing but not overly zealous. I want him to respect other people's beliefs and principle. However, I want him to also fight for his beliefs should someone try to trample it.

I want him to know the value of education and learning. I want him to be book smart but I also want him to be street smart. I want him to love his Sudoku materials but sing and dance when he's doing nothing. I want him to read books and like comic magazines.

It's hard. Sometimes, he's the sweetest kids and sometimes, its like he sprouts little horns in his tiny little head. Sometimes, he's very respectful and then sometimes, he's so materialistic and I can't believe the words coming out of his mouth.

It's challenging. Juggling my time between work, my interest, tutoring my son, and making time for other things takes more energy than I have. Sometimes, I feel like I need to split myself into 5 just to meet all the roles that I have to play.

It is rewarding. When B presents his report card, thanks me for singing to him or reading a book, and when we just spend time together, it feels like I've done something right in my life.

Raising a 7 year old boy for the last 4 years has been hard, challenging, and rewarding. It hasn't been all peaches and roses but it has been completely worth it.


  1. I honor you for raising your child in the best and right way you can. You are such a great mom.

    Despite the absence of a dad's figure in your sons's life, nandiyan naman ang twin bros mo to somehow fill it up.

    And I'm sure he will grow up as a real gentleman with sensitivity and respect over women. Keep up the great work Kaye, you're the best single mom in my eyes

  2. It's reallly a tough job being a parent, not to mention a single parent.. No words could describe it, but in the end, the reward is really fulfilling, knowing that B will become a man that you'd want him to be :)


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