Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mount Clouds

The store has a sign right in front of it but if you weren't looking for this place, there is a high chance that you'd actually miss it. It was a good thing then that I read about this in a blog and placed it on my to visit list.

Upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised to know that it was not only a bookshop but also houses private screening of old films and pays homage to Philippine Cinema.

I immediately loved it. Any place that promotes Philippine Cinema earns respect from me. When I saw the book store, I fell in love with it more.

It is literally a book lover's haven. I loved how it looked, the feel, the coziness, and what have you. Unfortunately, I did not like the books so much nor the price. It was a tad bit too much.

Good thing they had knick knacks and I was able to buy some mini notepads. Still, I'd recommend passing by this place when you visit Baguio. It's definitely one of a kind.

Mt Clouds 
Casa Vallejo
Luneta Hill, 

Upper Session Rd.
2600 Baguio City

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  1. How I wish that I have visited that place when I was in Baguio last June :))


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