Tuesday, November 13, 2012

moments of love ...

FM and I recently went on a trip to Baguio. I was to attend a wedding and he was my +1. A few weeks before this trip, he and I went through a rough patch in our relationship. It got to a point where I honestly thought we wouldn't make it.

However, things were sorted out and obviously, we're still together. I had hoped that this trip would help us fall in love with each other again and rediscover each other. From the photos below and from the moments we had, I know that this was accomplished and I couldn't be happier.

he gave me that flower ... it is now ready to be framed

laughing at a joke in Starbucks Session Road

walking in Session Road

holding hands at Cafe by the Ruins

trying to pose inside Mt. Cloud

goofing around with the bill

in front of the nativity at The Manor
I'm really happy that we went on this trip. It may have been just a weekend but it was a weekend well spent. Thank you FM for this. MWAH!


  1. Awwwwww nakakaloka. You guys are so sweet! :> I'm glad you guys managed to get through whatever problem that was. Now look at the two of you! You two look so happy and with that, I'm happy for the both of you too :)

  2. The bestEST ties will walk in a rough road, but surely if all the odds are able to pass, things are all worth it. :D Happy for you sis!

  3. I hope everything will be okay between the 2 of you :) Indeed this Baguio trip somehow made reconciliation easier and hopefully made you guys fall in love more with each other :)

  4. Galing how you were able to chronicle these moments :)


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