Thursday, November 22, 2012

On making the first move ....

We Filipinas have been known to be modest and ladylike. We are encouraged by our elders to just wait and not speak unless spoken to. The stereotype of the Filipina is someone who is quiet and very traditional.

However, with the Cosmopolitan age, changes have been happening and now, we are no longer what we used to be. We are more opinionated, outspoken, and fierce. We fight for what we want and we don't hold back. The same goes in making the first move when we see someone interesting.

Personally, I still prefer being chased and courted. I prefer to have a guy ask me out or get my number. I prefer having the guy approach me and get to know me. Sometimes though, I'd give a hint here and there and hope that he's smart enough to notice. But, what does one do when a guy is either dense or really not into you?

Should you make the first move? Is it okay to make the first move?

I say yes, but with a few precautions.

When making the first move, remember to not appear too eager as you may also look desperate. A smile normally works. Look at the guy, smile, and then turn away. If you feel bold, look at the guy, smile, and just keep smiling until he approaches you.

If he doesn't, try again. If he still doesn't, for the love of all things holy and out of respect for yourself, move on to the next one. Any guy who does not see that you are a gorgeous, confident woman is not worthy of your time.

You could also subtly move closer to the guy and strike a conversation. Say something funny, witty, or both. This would only work though if you are funny or witty. If not, please do not attempt as it may fall flat on your face.

If you are friends, casually suggest hanging out. Don't make it seem like a date or if it is, try to make light of it. Don't put too much emphasis nor importance. Remember: he can always say no the same way you can say no when someone asks you out. 

Now, should you actually manage to make the first move and he was smart enough to say yes or pick up on your interest in him, be ready for the dibs that it was you who made the first move. After all, it was indeed you. So when he says you had the hots for him and you "courted" him, just smile or laugh and say, "Thank your lucky stars I was smart enough to know whats good for you."


  1. These days I think it's already considered normal for women to make the first move. :)

  2. i agree , if you are the girl and you make the first move better get ready for the kind of guy you get! Earthlingorgeous

  3. for me its okay to make the first move like saying I love that person for showing what I feel about

  4. i hope plenty of young ladies are reading these. no matter what age and century, gentlemen will always value what took the hardest to win

  5. I don't see anything wrong in making the first move ; p


  6. Nice! This is perfect for ladies these days. I hope they can read this. making the first move, I dont find any problems with it too. At least, we're expressive enough to do it though. :)

  7. For me, making the first move is ok for as long as you know that the guy likes you too. Don't make a move too much. Save some for yourself. :)

  8. I am dalagang pilipina and I don't think I can do the first move.

  9. I am dalagang Pilipina and I don't think I can do the first move.

  10. This article of yours is perfect! :) I don't consider myself as the typical 'dalagang Pilipina' either. If there's something I want, I don't take no for an answer--I mean I try to get what I want but of course, if my presence is indeed unwarranted then I take my leave.

    I guess more Filipinas should try and break out of their comfort shells once in a while :)


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