Thursday, November 8, 2012

and the STARS of Stella Rocket Room are

drum roll please .....

Okay, sorry! I know this is late by 8 days but so many entries were received and the massive number of tweets was a bit overwhelming but we now have 3 winners for the Stella Rocket Room Contest.

Yey! So, here's what you will get.

1. Php1000 GC that can be used at Stella
2. Php1000 GC that can be used at any of the Raintree Restaurants (Momo, Chelsea, Kabila, M Cafe, Stella, Rocket Room)
3. Php1000 GC that can be used at Stella

Recommended dish to try ... the truffle mushroom pizza and the porchetta. YUMMY!

So ... here are the winners of this contest.

Joanna Tuazon
 Matthew Pua 
January Lau 

To claim your prize, I can meet you at RCBC Makati. PM me for details. :) 


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