Friday, November 30, 2012

on school field trips ...

I went with my son on his field trip yesterday and while I was there, a lot of things went through on my mind. I actually had a moment yesterday where I said, "I'm gonna write about this."

I realized that schools need to give more attention to field trips. Simply booking a tour guide and having them plan an itinerary does not ensure a successful field trip. However, what is a successful field trip?

For me, a successful field trip is one that has leeway for fun but at the same time, kids are sure to learn something.

Going to one place, walking senselessly, listening (though not really listening) to someone drone is not a successful field trip. Going to a place with 15 other schools with over 300 students each does not make a successful field trip. Going to an amusement park and not having someone tells us the mechanics of how things work does not make a successful field trip.

If I were to organize a field trip, I would make sure that it is out of town and hands on. I would make sure that the guide is actually knowledgeable of the places we are passing by and have interesting tidbits to share. I would make sure that we have games that can be done inside the bus or songs to sing to bond everyone.

When I get to the place, I will take charge and ensure that my troupe will be able to get in without any problems. I'd also make sure that there won't be a hundred other schools who will be in the same place at the same time.

I feel that if these two things (knowledgeable tour guide and avoiding overcrowding) could be addressed, it will make for a very successful field trip. Children would learn, have fun, and not be too harassed or tired. Most important? Mommies would be happier to.

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  1. Go Ms. kath! Take over the itinerary! Hehe :)


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