Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inspiration Bloggers

Early this morning, I tweeted about how in my almost 7 years of blogging, there have been 3 ladies who have inspired me in their own ways via their blogs.

Today, I'd like to give tribute and thanks to these ladies.

Inspiration # 1 - Wifely Steps 

When I was new to blogging, I chanced upon her blog and she was the one who helped me improved on the way I would write on my blog. I started with bullets and paragraphs that did not make sense. The way she would write and simply talk to her readers taught me to do the same.

When she would reply to comments I left on her blog, it taught me to respond to comments left on my blog as well.

When she would have alone time, I learned that it is valuable to have alone time for myself as well. I learned that it was okay to eat out by myself or to just take a break for myself.

She inspired me to be better. 

Inspiration # 2 - Heart of Rachel

I was a new mom when I encountered her blog. She would write about Y, her son. She inspired me to write about B. Y stands for her son's name. B stand for my son's name.

She's talk about her family life, her son's achievements, and from time to time, her husbands cookings. She would talk about her friends and it taught me that I could do the same. It is okay to share.

She also taught me that family is very important and that to document moments is a good thing. I learned to do that in my blog as well.

She inspired me to treasure my family more.

Inspiration # 3 - A Wife's Charmed Life 

I was already on my 3rd or 4th year of blogging when I encountered her. She would write about her domestic life and travels. She would write about the food she cooked, she had on a meal out, and she would write in such a way that it would encourage me to dream about traveling and eating the same meals.

She would write about affirmations and positivity. I was encouraged to do the same but I'd have lapses. However, since she was consistent, she'd remind me to be positive again and to love life.

She would write about things in her city and country and I would like to do the same. I've learned to value Manila more and the Philippines because of her.

She inspired me to be more positive and to love myself. 

To you three, I will be forever grateful. I hope that someday, I can serve the same purpose to someone else. Then I would know, I was able to pay it forward. =)


  1. Hi Kathy! :) Discovered you through Twitter. :D I'm a huge fan of Toni / Wifely Steps too! :) Hehe! :) God bless you always! :D

  2. Thank you very much for the sweet words. this post made me teary-eyed as I never really know how much of an impact my blogging makes. Thank you for letting me know. I'm grateful to have met you online and for the friendship that we have. :)

  3. You've warmed my heart with your kind words. From my heart to yours ... thank you!

    We haven't met personally ... something we should definitely do something about before the year ends :) ... but blogging has connected us in many ways. For me, you are a dear friend that I've had for years. I'm grateful for that. Thank you again.


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