Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas 2012 Wish List

When I was turning 28, I made a wish list. I checked back on it and I'm happy that some of the things I wished for did become mine.

1. External hard drive - at least 80GB
2. USB - 4GB each (at least 3)
3. A Lifetime of Secrets by Frank Warren
4. Laptop Bag
5. Persian Cat
6. Care Bears Carousel
7. Harmony Care Bear
8. Starbucks Blue Coffee Canister (the big rounded one that's sky blue)
9. Starbucks Philippine Bearista
10. Pillow and sleep mask
11. Adidas La Salle Jacket
12. pajamas
13. USB cable for my Sony Ericsson
14. Cybershot Camera
15. HUGE white board
16. HUGE cork board
17. scrapbooks
18. picture frames
19. notebooks
20. Huge Crayon collections and coloring books

10 out of 20 isn't bad in my opinion. Now lets add more to it.

21. Care Bear Cousins
22. Coloud Pop Headphones
23. Charm Bracelet
24. Body Pillow
25. Portraiture of myself

I now have 15 things I hope to get though I know most likely I won't but a girl's gotta dream. Most likely, I'll get them for myself anyway. Haha. 

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  1. wow, nice i wish i could have one and be able to get it all as well haha


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