Thursday, November 8, 2012

B's First Cotillion

During the last week of October, B was invited to attend a debut of some sorts. It seems that nowadays, 7 year old girls are actually holding debuts. During my time, it was only when we reached 18 but times seem to have changed.

FM went with B and I and it was a good thing because I seem to know nothing about putting on neckties. FM helped B and I couldn't help but capture the moment. 

Afterwards, off we trooped to Cecile's Restaurant one Saturday night to lend moral support to B who was performing not only one, but 2 dances for this cotillion. I'd have to say that I was slightly impressed when we finally reached the top floor and this is what welcomed us.

FM, B, and I had fun at the photo booth. It was so girly.

Finally, here are some photos of B's first dance.

They looked so adorable. My heart melted and to be honest, I had tears. My baby really is a little boy now.

PS. The little girl he's partnered with is his crush. Heartbreak. =(


  1. 7 y/o debut? Wow, that's new! My daughter will turn 7 next year, should I be worried na? hehe :D

  2. I'm really not too keen with this seven-year-old debuts. Kids should be kids. I'd rather leave the debuts to the eighteen-year-olds.
    Thank goodness I have a son, lol.

    1. me too! I think a debut is only special when its done once.


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