Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sunrise Buckets

We first saw this place a couple of months ago. Back then, FM said that we'd go back there in the future. This future happened a couple of days ago.

After attending the Advent Fair of MWS, FM brought us to Sunrise Buckets and had dinner there. It seems he heard from friends that this place had one of the best buffalo wings in town.

Upon getting to Sunrise Buckets, the place was jampacked and we were waitlisted. After a few minutes, a table opened up and so we sat down and placed our orders.

I normally get soup when I am hungry so I started with the soup. I forgot what this was called but boy was it spicy. It was good but it was spicy good and I wasn't able to finish it coz eventhough I can tolerate spicy, I couldn't tolerate this much.

The cheesy fries was really good. There were a lot of cheese and the potatoes were not soggy.

As for the buffalo wings ... we ordered the Sunrise Buckets (spicy but not too spicy), Jack Daniels (oh oh oh so good!), Smokin BBQ (the winner of the night) and Garlic Parmesan (the downer of the night.)

The dinner was great and out of the 40 wings we ordered, only 5 pieces were left. It was that good. We're definitely going back to this place should we need to have another buffalo wings craving.

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  1. where is this place located? i suddenly want to have some buffalo wings one of these days... you clearly had a great dinner!

  2. Ah :D I see you have discovered our winged wonder in this side of town :) Yeah we are fans of Sunrise Buckets :) Did you know they just started out in a Rockwell Bazaar about 5 years ago? Who knew you can make restaurants out of chicken wings?

    Then again, Max's showed everyone how to do it hehe.

    Oh, and if you are brave enough, go for their hot wings challenge. It has more chili than chicken. Make sure to bring a cold glass of milk to neutralize the inferno :P



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