Monday, November 19, 2012

O' Mai Khan

I was supposed to go visit some other food places when FM and I went to Baguio. However, when FM and I got there, a lot of the locals kept recommending one place to us that I have never heard of. O' Mai Khan.

O' Mai Khan is a Mongolian place that sits at the back of SM Baguio. It's unassuming facade hides itself from tourists and one can easily miss it. I'm glad that we knew local people and they shared this place with us because it is one of the best finds that I have of Baguio.

The place was simple and clean. There were only a few yellow daisies to light up the place but it felt homey. The servers were also very nice and friendly. They did not rush us when it took us time to order.

Finally, we ordered the soup. We were told by our server to just get the one that was good for 2 because it was actually good for 4. We decided to trust her and boy were we happy we did.

The Mongolian Hot Pot which is a Chinese favorite is also called the steamboat. A healthy soup based meal that can be cooked right before your eyes, it will leave you salivating as it cooks. This one contains beef, monggo sprouts, shrimp, sotanghon, tofu, chicken, watercress, fishballs, pork, wombok, and squid. Best part about it is that a serving goof for one is only Php130, good for 2 is Php260, and good for 4 is Php420. Better than best part is that its actually good for 3, 6, and 8 respectively.

This is the smaller bowl and the small one filled me up pretty quick.

The Genghis Khan Steak which cost only Php210 was made of lean tenderloin beef marinated in a concoction of 13th century herbs and spices was served with fried onion rings. What I liked most about this was that the beef was pretty soft yet really tasty.

The Emperors Meal (Php250) was the fitting end to our meal. Grilled pork spareribs that literally slid off the bone were just too good to be passed up. Marinated overnight to ensure lasting flavor ... you can choose between barbecue sauce or mushroom gravy. We went for barbecue sauce. It was GREAT!


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