Friday, November 23, 2012

COOK Magazine's 12th Anniversary

It all started with a simple "you should attend our event" which was followed by the actual invitation. Since FM wasn't free, I asked my younger bother to be my date for this party since he was also into food.

We arrived at F1 Hotel half past 6 and registered for the raffle. Who knows? We could win right? We didn't.

We also posed for the photobooth because I am such a lover of photos and besides, it was a magnet photo and you know how I am about magnets.

The management and staff of COOK Magazine hosted an early holiday bash to thank their advertisers, friends, partners, and all those who rallied behind the magazine. Since starting in 2000, COOK has aimed to recognize the difference between restaurant food and home cooked magazine. Now celebrating its 12th year in the industry, COOK continues to connect foodies by including recipes and articles made for and by food lovers.

with bloggers

with my little brother

Food editor Chef Danny De La Cuesta is about to make new changes to the way COOK's content will be. It will not only focus on food but also in its role in pop culture. In 2013, expect COOK to not only have articles for foodies but to also include artisanal and small production consumer items that readers might not have discovered on their own plus information on how to use them to make everyday dining and entertaining easier and more exciting.

COOK promises to be the only consumer publication that will review best brands of foods, restaurants, and beverages in every category. 
with Chef Danny de la Cuesta
Cook Magazine’s Advertising Manager Marlon A. Aldenese was also present and with his hard work, he was able to come up with one glamorous party indeed.

with Cook Magazine’s Advertising Manager Marlon A. Aldenes

Thank you once again COOK Magazine for this great event. I'm sure there will be more to come and I cannot wait to see how you will reinvent yourself.


  1. Thank you for being part of the event.

  2. Thank you for being part of this event..

  3. I love Cook Mag! I get so much tip from them and it's good to know that they are staying, much stronger and even more fabulous! May they have more anniversaries to come :)

    <a href=">LadySoda</a>

  4. One of my favorite food magazine is Cook.. Ang cute ng event nila infairness..

  5. Thank you very much Kathy for the wonderful words you shared on your post. @Wakonda and Sweethestia, Thanks a lot too. Your thoughts mean a lot for Cook Magazine. - Marlon Aldenese, Cook Magazine's Advertising Manager

  6. Hi Kathy, thank you very much for the wonderful thoughts you shared on your post. @Wakonda thanks for reading and supporting our magazine, and @Sweethastia thanks also for attending our event.

  7. looks like a nice event :) i dont read cook that much but soon i will, i really need to cook soon haha!

    The Bargain Doll

  8. I am not familiar with this mag so thank you for giving some light to me about this. And, you look very Marilyn-esque in that dress of yours! Nice! =)


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