Leah and Egbert's Wedding ...

It was my first time to attend an INC wedding and it just so happened that it was in Baguio, with my adoptive family. I met them when I left home back in 2004 and I had no one because my Mom and I had a falling apart. This family adopted me and made me feel like I was part of their family.

I haven't seen them since 2008 and I was really happy to see them again. Best thing is that FM came along.

The wedding was very solemn and touching. I loved how the INC really tells you what marriage is about and what a wife and groom should be to each other.

When I first received the invitation and saw that it was in Baguio, I didn't even hesitate for a minute and immediately said yes. I'm still happy that I made that trip to Baguio with FM and that they met. :)

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  1. Congratulations to the newly wed. Seeing this post makes me recall our wedding last year. :)

  2. took me a while to figure out what is an INC...