Ultimate Taste Test

I went to my first Ultimate Taste Test at Mercato Central last night with my friends, Allan and Mai. Allan and I were late because of the horrible traffic but we got there about 30 minutes into the event.

It was a madhouse. There were a LOT of people and luckily, almost everyone was in a good mood.

My friends and I were in line for almost 2 hours but we had fun. The foods were mostly a novelty but there were a few good ones here and there.

with celebrity chefs
with RJ Ledesma
tired but happy
It was a first for all of us but we all went home happy. We may have been standing for 2 hours but our tummy was full and we had great memories. Most of all, I'm just really happy that my friends enjoyed as much as I did. It was truly an experience.

* food posts to follow

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  1. Ang saya naman nyan... will be waiting for your food posts :)

  2. Which food is the best-tasting, ultimate food experience? :D

  3. @ madmader: over the weekend

    @ steph: hmm, i'll post it ;)

  4. Woooow... Good for you! :) I've been hearing about that Ultimate Taste Test thingy, but I find Mercato a little too far (kasi far na sakin ang places without a lot of public transpo -- and I don't have a car) especially with my growing tummy. :(

    You guys look like you had a really good time! :)

  5. @ yanna: yes we really had a great time