meet up with Jiexie ... meet up with the SB collectors

I received a call yesterday from GO informing that there was a meet up during dinner time at Greenbelt. I told him that I would just meet Jiexie another day but he said she was fully booked and leaving for Malaysia this Friday. In my mind, I was thinking, "didn't she just get in today?"

It seems she is in for a few days only and so I reshuffled my schedule for the day. I was a bit apprehensive about meeting up because my former Starbucks group would be there. I left the group months ago and this was the first I'll be seeing them. I wasn't sure about how they will receive me but realized that it doesn't really matter. I was going for an online friend who was nice to me and that was that.

I was late getting there because I came from work but I was happy because 3 of my friends were there and there were a few friendly faces in the sea of collectors. Jixie was also very warm in welcoming me.

I and Jixie
the core members
real people
showing off my new Vienna mug with L

And below, is my gift to Jiexi. I hope she likes it. :)

Seeing the group yesterday, I realized that my decision to leave did me good and I do not regret it. I got to keep the people I wanted to keep and who were worth keeping. I also rediscovered why I love my mug collection without having to obsess over it needlessly.

To more mugs ... to real friendship ... to true people.

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  1. Lucky you sis, you are passionate and disciplined enough to have a collection. :) I think the only collection I have is random papers and flyers. :P

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  3. @ yanna: yep ... I have so many collections to be honest :)

  4. yey! you're an SB collector pala. i collect, too, but not so much... only the coffee mugs of the places that i've been to :)

  5. yes I am :) trade tayo minsan?