Gong Cha

I had a try of Gong Cha the other day while I was waiting for a friend of mine to arrive. I saw a little kiosk at Glorietta and decided to give it a try. Some friends have recommended the place so I figured, they were either lying and had no taste or it really was worth a try.

This is what I had. The Gong Cha Milk Tea.

I thought what I was ordering was the Pearl Milk Tea but it seems I was confused. I was apprehensive when I got the drink and it looked like this.

I was thinking to myself, why does it have that green thing on top of it? i had a sip and I was surprised that though it tasted different, it was actually quite good.

The question would then be is if I was able to finish it off.

only the pearls are left
And now, I leave you with my resident photo. :)

want a sip?
Side thought: It would be nice if I had someone with me during these moments. Hmm.

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  1. I love Gong Cha! It's actually my #1 milk tea destination.. :) Try their House Special Milk Wintermelon Tea.. You'd love it! :)

  2. Sige, I'll take your word forit ha.

  3. What Sumi said. Wintermelon is a must try. :)

  4. will give it a go then! thanks!

  5. I love Gong Cha also. :D Purple plum with Aiyu jelly for me! :D