dangle me danglers ....

I went out to breakfast yesterday with my best friend at the office Janina. I was short on cash and did not want to withdraw so we settled for McDonalds since I had some GC's that I could use there. Upon entering, the first thing I saw were the Danglers.

They could be cellphone danglers but I thought that they might be a tad bit too big and so I decided to make them this.

They are now decorating my bag and makes for a great anti-dukot instrument because they make hella lot of noise.

Why don't you go grab one now? It's only Php39 for every food purchase. Example: One burger mcdo, one spaghetti, one McNugget and you can get all 3. :)

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  1. Ooooh.. Meron na palang gainto sa Mcdo! Guess I've been ignoring the fast food chain too long already. Makadalaw nga some time soon :) Would love the chicken nuggets danglers since I love it!

  2. i have not seen that yet, well definitely i'll buy it too hihi

  3. I saw one from my FB friends, I thought it was like a collector's edition thingy. :D

    Would love to get the French fries dangler for me and my hubby. :P

  4. I Like it a lot! madalas din ako sa mcdo!

  5. so glad to be able to help everyone!