Monday, May 7, 2018

road to minimalism

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a hoarder. I hoard so many things because I grew up collecting a lot of things and then I'd always think "I'll wear it one day," or "I might be able to use this one day," or "but we might get to use this sometime soon."

When we had a big house, this worked just fine coz I was able to fill up all the shelves and drawers. However, we moved to a smaller house and then I had a realization: "I HAD TOO MUCH STUFF!"

So I had too much stuff and it just kept growing. I would either buy something I just wanted but did not need or someone would get me something that I want but didn't really need or the brands that I support would send stuff. Don't get me wrong. I AM SUPER GRATEFUL. There'sjust too many stuff in my room and in our house that I have started feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Then I chanced upon this.

 It was like opening my eyes to something new. The idea of just having things that I really need, really want, and will be using. I also tried to emulate the Konmari method of asking myself "does this thing spark joy in my life?"

This is the reason why I felt the need to sort my things. Please don't judge. Photos below show the different stages of my desk and room when I was trying to "clean up clutter" but failing miserably.

As you can see, stuff keeps on coming and so I had to make a decision. Here's what I came up with.

1. I donated over 200 notebooks and 300 books to a school in Benguet.
2. I donated 8 bags of clothing and 3 bags of happy meal toys to an orphanage in Las Pinas.
3. I donated notebooks, lanyards, and art materials to a school in Leyte.
4. I gave away make up to family friends sine I had over 6 drawers of make up and only 1 face.
5. I also gave away some clothes to friends who can use it.

As you may notice, I did not sell anything. There is a reason why I did not. I know that I could make money from my stuff because most of them are still in very good condition. However, I always seem to be able to get what I need when I need it and so I felt that I should do the same and just give back to the world.

I'm not being pious. I just feel like this is the best thing that I can do for people that I love and for the people who are in need. Here's what my room looks like right now.

As you can see, this is the cleanest that this room has been in almost 3 years. It has been a crazy ride but I think I am finally getting to the minimalism point. I know that a lot of people will take one look and say "what minimalism?" However, as I said, it's a road and I am taking one small step at a time while I do my best to help others out.

I'm still a long way from becoming a full time minimalist but I feel that now, I am finally in the right path. I've stopped myself from buying things that I don't really need (this is such a struggle) but most importantly, I've learned to let go of things that I've just had in storage for years and learned to give it to people who will actually get to use it.

Cheers to that.

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  1. I like the idea of giving stuff and not selling them. I used to sell things I've got but lately, I run a giveaway on my blog and fb page. I feel happier and I get to engage with my readers. I also earn new friends along the way. And you're right. As we give, there will be more to come for us to enjoy for ourselves or give again.

    1. Great idea! Let me go ahead and try it as well.

  2. You are so generous mam cause intead of making money of all your things by doing buy and sell you donate it to other people that who really need it and have a big smile in thier face .My you continue to share blessings to others so you have more blessings to come.
    more power mam.

    1. Thank you po. Sabi nga po nila, you get what you give.

  3. you are so generous Mam Godbless you more po

  4. Thanks for being so generous po . Youve donated so many na pla. Godbless you Mam

  5. Its a better idea po madam. I know for sure subrang thankful po ng mga nabigyan niyo po. Di ba nga po "It's better to give than to recieve". Your so lucky po that you can have everything you want and need without any help from other people. Na, kaya niyo po bumili kung anuman ang gustuhin po.
    Your so generous po madam, na hindi niyo po naisipan ibenta yung mga bagay na hindi mo na ginagamit napwede mo san pagkikitaan pa bagkos ay naisipan mo ipamahagi ito sa ating kapwa na nangangailangan. Malaking tulong po ito sa kanila madam. Alam ko po doble o triple pa ang balik nito sayo ng ating Panginoon dahil sa napakabuti mong puso at may magandang kalooban. This is a thumbs up 👍 to you madam. Saludo po ako sa inyo. God will blesses you more and more and more.

  6. WOW Super bait mo PO, matulongin at màpagbigay. Ang mga ganyang Tao pinagpala ng AMA.sana madami pa PO Ang katulad mo.


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