Monday, May 14, 2018

Jilgyungyi Tablets

One of the things that women rarely talk about is how to take better care of themselves down there. It just seems really awkward when in all honesty, we should be more open. After all, people post about their private lives all over, so why shouldn't we be able to freely discuss how we can take care of our private parts?

When I was first tapped to review Jilgyungyi, I had to admit that I was hesitant. I thought it was weird to discuss something seemingly so personal but I realized that if I didn't, who would? If all of us thought the same thing, who would ever discuss the benefits and necessity of taking care of ourselves down there.

Jilgyungyi is a feminine cleanser made by the Ha U Dong Chun Corporation of South Korea. Jilgyungyi contains natural plant extracts and is designed to increase vaginal health through the promotion of beneficial lactobacillus.

Whereas existing feminine cleansers can only temporarily keep the pH acid level, Jilgyungyi, which is developed using the principal that lactic acid is generated by lactobacillus inside the vagina in order to control the acid level, is
 a natural cleanser that helps prevent vaginitis and keep the area clean.

It's a little weird when I first tried it but it was just like using a tampon. What's good about this is that it cleanses you from the inside. I don't know if women will ever admit it but sometimes, we also get an itch inside which is maddening because unlike men, we can't really go around scratching it especially if we're outside and that makes things very uncomfortable.

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This is best for women suffering from the following:

Yeast infection
Vaginal itching and irritation
Vaginal dryness and odor
Menstrual cramps
Urinary incontinenceVaginal thghtness

Additional necessary information when using Jilgyungyi:

1. It is highly recommended that you take two pills a day for three consecutive days during your first use.
2. Insert the pills into your vagina with first two knuckles of your finger.
3. Put on the pad before you go to sleep. (Impurities may be discharged during your sleep)
4. Wash the pudendum in the morning only with running water and keep it dry.
5. Please stop using the product if odor and vaginal discharge have been removed after three days.
6. Use the product again by following the instructions mentioned above if odor and vaginal discharge occurs. However, it is not necessary that you use it for consecutive days.
7. Wash the pudendum in the morning and evening only with water when you are not using the product. It helps to maintain the cleanliness by keeping your vagina dry.

Whatever people say, as a woman, we should all learn to take care of ourselves down there and when we smell or feel something, we need to take care of it because if we don't, who will?

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