Sunday, May 27, 2018

Francis Libiran: Mon Amour

Almost all women dream about their wedding day. They dream about the reception, to have either cupcake or cakes, a string quartet or a DJ, sit down or buffet, and so many more decisions to make which makes even the calmest woman on earth go crazy and become a bridezilla.

One of the most major decisions though is the bridal gown. You want your bridal gown to shine but you don't want it to outshine you but rather, enhance your beauty and just bring out your aura and make everyone see you for the beautiful bride that you are.

Most designers fail in this aspect. Most designers either design something so simple, something that does not speak for the bride, or something so wonderful it outshines the bride and everyone else just looks at the bridal gown instead of the bride.

Francis Libiran isn't one of those designers. Francis Libiran knows what will highlight a bride and bring out her beauty without taking the limelight away from her. Here is his newest line, the Mon Amour Bridal Gowns.

All the gowns from the Mon Amour line are gorgeous. There's a gown for every body type which I loved because I do not have the typical slim body that most designers design for so it's hard when you see a beautiful gown then realize it won't look good on you because you're a size 14 and the gown is size 4.

It was such a lovely evening and I got to hang out with my friends too which is always an added bonus.

Francis Libiran has another hit on his hand and we can't wait to see the brides walking down the aisle wearing his Mon Amour collection.

My personal fave: Helena.

Photos: #Zenfone5
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