Sunday, May 27, 2018

to all the girls who had their Dad break their hearts

This is for all the girls or teenagers who have had their Dad break their hearts. Read on.
Normally, what we would see on meme's being shared on Facebook and other social media accounts is this quote:
My Daddy showed me how a girl should be treated like a queen.
Lately though, I have been seeing more of this instead:
My Daddy broke my heart before any other guy could.
I am one of those girls. Long before any guy could break my heart, my Dad has broken it so many times in so many ways that I grew up with trust issues way before I knew what trust issue meant. No, I was not molested (thank God for that) but I was mentally, verbally, and emotionally abused by the one guy who should have protected me from all these and more.
You do not deserved to be loved by any man. You are worth nothing.
When your own father tells you these as a young child or a teenager, you tend to believe it even though deep inside you know that it is not true. After all, it's your Dad who said it and if he thinks that, then it has to be true right?
NO! Regardless of who says it, you need to believe in yourself and in your worth. If not one else will, then you owe it to yourself to believe in you. If you won't, who will?
To all the little girls and teenagers who has had their hearts broken by the one man who should have moved heaven and Earth to protect it from heartbreak, here's what I have to say to you.
It will hurt. A lot.
However, you need to use that pain to make something of yourself. You need to use that pain and turn it around to inspire you to be a better person. You need to turn around that rage you are feeling inside you to be the woman you need to be and not the person that your father is trying to destroy.

You are so much better than him and if he can't see that, then do not waste any more of your time on someone who does not appreciate you. Yes, you will ask why but there is no answer to this. The only thing that is clear is that though he may be biologically related to you, he is not the end all and be all of things. If you destroy yourself or hurt your future because you wanted to lash out at someone who does not care about you, you are only hurting yourself and destroying yourself. Worse, you are proving him right.

You do not need his approval. You do not need his praise. You do not need him in your life. Yes, there will always be something lacking and when you see photos of father and daughters, it will hurt like crazy but use it to make something more of you, more than this person who is trying to destroy you will ever be. This is your best revenge.

One day, if it happens that this person realizes what he did, be the bigger person and forgive. Forgive not for him, but for yourself, because you deserve to be free of this person. It took me 32 years before I learned this lesson. Don't take that long to learn it. Your time, your value, and your worth is so much more than what one person thinks.
Your value should never be defined by someone, it should be defined only by yourself.

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