Tuesday, May 15, 2018

of fate and phones

Once there was a guy who just wanted to buy a phone. He told his friend about it and the friend made a suggestion because it just so happened that the date was the 14th of April. April 14 was the launch date of the ASUS Zenfone 5 and everyone who bought the Zenfone 5 that day got a JBL speaker as well as the chance to win a Toyota Altis.

Raniel Garcia Quiambao went on his merry way and on the 24th of April, Raniel's friend sent him a link late at night telling him to register his new Zenfone 5 coz he might win the car. His friend was so excited because he too had bought the same phone and wanted to win the car.

Lo and behold, Raniel's friend was a guardian angel because during the draw, Raniel Garcia Quiambao won a brand new Toyota Altis.

Raniel with Mr. George Su of ASUS
Raniel Garcia Quiambao with his keys

Mr. Anvey Factora of ASUS, Raniel Garcia Quiambao, and Mr. George Su
Sometimes, life gives you something great when you least expect it. Raniel simply wanted a phone and he got a great one plus a car to boot. Isn't that incredible?

Photos: #Zenfone5
#Backto5 #WeLovePhoto

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