Friday, May 18, 2018

Meow says my desk

When things are a little confusing, okay A LOT confusing, I tend to clean my home office. This has resulted in my decluttering over and over again which my Mom loves because I tend to let go of a lot of stuff and unearth things that needs to be thrown away.

Now, I have always been a cat lover but I didn't realize as of late that I have actually accumulated a fair amount of cat thing that I can display on my table.

I love how my table looks. It doesn't have a photo of my family because they are in my bulletin board. I just have a photo of my son and of course M. I also love that on this tahle are cat donations from people thatI love so it's a constant reminder of them. 

Right now I need all the inspirational thing that I can surround myself with and cats have always made me smile. Next would be Panda, Pigs, and of course, the Care Bears. 

Aside from people, what makes you smile or what keeps you inspired? 

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