Saturday, May 12, 2018

Let's take a break!

Sometimes, the people that we've known all our lives transform right before our very eyes. One day they are the sweetest, most logical person that we know then one day, we become bombarded with insanity from their Facebook Feed.

I get it. It can be toxic. In this day and age where everyone can become a policital expert, a spoiler on movies, or a sports critic, you need to be a saint to survive the social media toxicity. Sadly, most of us aren't and we see people unfriending each other or unfollowing each other.

When we unfollow our friends on social media, we can easily lose track of what is happening in our lives. There is a reason why you guys became friends in the first place and sometimes, we just need to take a break. This means that we just want time off but not really lose sight of what's happening with our friends. Facebook realizes that and so now, they have added a new feature on Facebook. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I discovered this because I tend to unfollow a lot of people who I can't unfriend yet but do not want to know things about anymore.)

So when you go to a friend who has gone crazy for a certain phase (election, sporting event) this is what you will see.

When you click on Take a Break, these are the options you will see. You now get different options and how you can take a break from someone. 

Maintain your sanity while being able to maintain your friendships for the people who matter. After all, we all have that one friend or relative whom we dearly love but can definitely take a break from.

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