Sunday, May 27, 2018

Books, pens, and colors at the NBS Grand Back to School Fair

One of the things that make me smile and feel giddy with happiness is when I am surrounded by books, notebooks, and pens. My stack and boxes of notebooks and pens can attest to it so when I chanced upon the National Book Store Grand Back to School Fair, I was in heaven.

These bags are so colorful, you're sure to be inspired when you bring them with you to school.

Panda!!! Who doesn't want to have some panda goodness with them at all times? I know I do.

As a kid, I've alwatys dreamt of having the 64 piece crayola box set. Now, they have 120 crayon box set. I die!

Pleasantly surprised to find out that TITUS now has highlighters. I almost gave in and bought every color but thankfully, the Konmari thought came into play.

One of my favorite things are Sharpies. They just look so awesome and are really useful in almost everything. Since I love labelling, this is one of those things that I really, really buy by the dozen.

Colored notebooks. Eventhough I own over 300 notebooks, I just can't get enough of having more especially if it's this colorful.

Or this pretty! IPO!

Head on over to Trinoma Activity Center tomorrow or catch the National Book Fair at Glorietta Activity Center from June 1 to 3. They have a lot of deals that are currently on going on these dates so make sure to check them out. They also have Grab and Go packs from Grade 1 to 6 which contains complete requirements for every grade, making life way easier for Moms.

You also get a free tote bag when you buy worth Php1000 or a drawstring bag when your purchase reaches Php300. You can also buy a lunch bag for only Php75 for every Php500 purchase.

Whatever you need for your kid's school requirements, National Book Sture will most likely have it.

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  1. Hello, I saw that you included in your entry the Titus Highlighters (second pic). Can I ask you how much is that (each) in National Bookstore?

    1. Sorry I wasn't able to see the price. When we were there, they weren't completely done with the set up. I'm sure it's quite affordable.


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