Thursday, May 17, 2018

Novuhair + Fanny Serrano = Crowning Glory

I've often heard that your hair is your crowning glory. I never really believed in that until I had a really bad haircut and when my botched hair started growing. Looking like a pixie fairy that went into a fight with The Hulk did not do wonders for my ego.

I ended up putting my hair in a bun, convincing myself that it looked better that way. I looked regal and clean. Sometimes though, you wanna look gorgeously wild and a bun will never achieve that for you.

Since I have been extremely busy, I never had the time to fix the haircut I got 1.5 months ago from this new salon inside our village. I asked for layers and apparently, the hairdresser had no idea what she was doing and proceeded to give me just a trim and bangs that were too hot to handle (in a bad way) this summer. It was frustrating and so I'd end up just tying my hair even when it hasn't fully dried.

This has been my go to look for the past few months. I have to put hair spray on the bangs to keep it from flying off everywhere and then I need to tie my hair. What I didn't know was that because of the botched haircut and the constant putting in a bun, my hair has become oily and limp. Since I don't wait for my hair to dry up, it has resulted into my hair becoming damaged.

The Novuhair scalp analysis showed me that and it was terrifying.


Thankfully, they actually had treatments available and so they started with taking a before photo to show how damaged my hair is. From the front, it looks perfectly okay.

However, from behind, you can actually see the damage. My poor hair.

The treatment was a bit weird for me. It's the first time I experienced scalp treatment and I found it different. They put it directly on the scalp then massaged it a little bit. This went on until my entire scalp was covered. I thought that they would then heat it but apparently, it works immediately so there's no need to do that.

Afterwards, they shampooed my hair using NovuHair shampoo and conditioner. I gotta say that this was the most thorough shampooing that I have ever had. My scalp felt so clean and minty afterwards.

They then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to cut my hair and seeing that I was at Fanny Serrano's salon, I felt confident that they would know what they're doing. I told them I wanted it shortened to my shoulders and then layered.

Thankfully, they did know what they were doing and this was the end result.

I loved it. My hair felt lighter and healthier. As you could see from the previous photo, it was limp, dry, and scraggly. Now it's shinier, has more body, and just seems more alive. Even M approves.

6 hours later, my hair was still up and about so I'm just really happy that this NovuHair Scalp Treatment Oil really works.

I'll stick to using NovuHair from now on if it yields results like this all the time. My hair doesn't look dull, it smells great, and it just feels light. I thought that NovuHair was just about hair regrowth but apparently I was wrong. They're also about making sure that the hair that has grown stays beautiful and healthy all the time.

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