Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

This year's Mothers Day saw me working in the morning and in the afternoon. I had to but thankfully, both brands were understanding of the fact that though I was working, I wanted my family to be with me because it was Mother's Day. I may not be the perfect Mom or one of the best Moms out there but I do know that I want my family with me on this day at the very least.

Morning we saw the unveiling of Espacio which was thankfully located inside our village. We were able to spend the morning having a wonderful lunch hosted by Espacio.

K and B also surprised me with roses.

Afterwards, we bought some balloons and flowers. I also finally got a shot with the balloons. LOVED THIS. Thank God for my IG boyfriend.

We surprised my Mom with flowers. Sometimes I wonder if she still gets surprised since we do this every year but she does appreciate this. This time around, we included a Hello Kitty balloon.

Afterwards, we went to Glorietta to attend the Emborg event. A lot of us are cheese lovers, K and M most especially, so we made sure to attend.

Emborg is all about making merienda time more amazing. Emborg Cheese can also be used as an aperitif and being paired with wine. They also have mozarella and other forms of cheese. M and K are in cheese heaven.

Emborg also serenaded all the Moms which made it more special. Sadly, I wasn't present for that part because M and I had to troop over to Fat Fook Kitchen where we were going to have dinner. Good thing we went pretty early (6pm or so) because the lines were insane. We were number 15 and one hour later, we finally got seated.

Since my Mom has been able to try a lot of the dishes I ordered some of the stuff that we haven't tried and mind blown. The soup and the king fish were both amazing. No, seriously, the soup was soooooo good! The fish, absolutely fresh and this time around, we were just paying customers so I know they were not trying to impress us.

I'm happy that my work lets me bring my family with me from time to time. It also lets us enjoy really great food which is what Fat Fook Kitchen is all about. Anyone who's read this blog knows my Mom is very picky but she had no problems eating at Fat Fook. In fact, she took home all our leftovers because it was really good.

We also got this strawberry dessert because our bill went over 2k. I was tempted to ask for 2 since our bill actually went over 4k haha.

This was a really good way to end the day and the night. I hope to have more of these kind of moments.

Photos taken using #Zenfone5

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