Sunday, April 29, 2018

AVON helps women step into their comfort zone

People keep telling women to get out of their comfort zone. People keep saying that to be great, one needs to be okay with being uncomfortable.  AVON disrupts what "comfort zone" really means and tells women to go ahead and break the mold.

Women nowadays, they are expected to be superwomen. They are expected to be this but at the same time they are expected to be that. They can't just be a Mom or a working woman. They need to be both to please society.  Well, AVON says that there is no shame in breaking free from what's expected and normal. To live an authentic life, a woman must first be true to herself and take courage to pursue her passions.

The 5 ambassadors of AVON's lingerie line are the epitome of these. They break the mold, they don't follow what society dictates, they pursue their passion, and because of this, they have become the best in what they do.


Wilma Doesn't broke the mold by being the first non-mestisa to become a supermodel. With her dark skin and frizzy hair, she didn't fit the mold of the stereotype of what a model should look like.

Jennylyn Mercado became a more successful actress after becoming a single Mom which is not the usual route. Most actresses who become pregnant are relegated to the role of being a Mom but Jennylyn was able to get out of that typecast.

Olympic Silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz has never been seen as someone sexy until AVON changed that image when they chose her to be one of their ambassadors for their lingerie line. Who knew that someone who lifts weights can also be sexy?

Tricia Centenera show that a person can bounce back from having a failed marriage. Most women who have the wedding of their dreams and the marriage made of nightmares would feel ashamed but Tricia proved that there is no shame in leaving a loveless marriage.


Step into your comfort zone. This is what AVON Fashion's  bold invitation to women all over. They have come up with a range of intimate apparel that provides women with stylish comfort they deserve because everyone knows that when you aren't wearing the right pair of underwear, it can be very comfortable and when we aren't comfortable, we can't move freely and when we can't move freely, we can't focus on the things that truly matter.


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