Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

With the many stressors there are in the world, it's no wonder that health and wellness spas are sprouting left and right. However, not all spas are created equal. Heaven by Deborah Mitchell is definitely a cut above the rest because it offers facial massage, body scrubs, and many more using organic stuff and using hands only.

Yes, you read that right. There are no machines involved at Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. They use treatments that contain bee venom and they rely on hand techniques to heal your skin problems via touch and massage.

When you book a facial spa at Heaven, you end up feeling like you're in heaven. I know this because I had the chance to try it myself. At first, I was wary. I'm not a fan of facials having grown up using mainly Eskinol on my face so I was hesitant.

The first thing that got my attention was the room. It was bigger than the normal room that I have seen in most derma clinics. This one felt more like a spa.

I also love that they have all their items on display. The fact that they are okay to show all their items added more confidence.

The few things that caught my attention are the following:

So here are the treatments that is involved in the facial treatment. It involves 11 creams. ELEVEN. 11.

What I loved about the entire treatment are the following:

1. The room uses dim lights.
2. They play music that is meant to calm the soul and the mind.
3. The smell of the cream is also very relaxing.
4. There is no noise coming from outside the room so it's really relaxing.
5. The staff doesn't talk unless you speak to them which is also a really good thing coz when you go to these kind of places, you just really wanna relax and not talk.
6. My skin had a tuktuk like glow after the treatment.

This is me after the treatment. I had absolutely no make up on and my skin was really glowing. It was amazing.

A note to those who will be availing though is to go there at 6pm so your session ends at 7pm because you can't wash off your face until the next day. That was one minor inconvenience for me coz I don't go to sleep without cleaning my face so it was really a struggle to not wash my face. However, it is important to follow this rule because it helps ensure that the bee venom in the treatment will be fully absorbed by your skin.

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell
L/G Shangri-la Mall East Wing

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