Thursday, May 17, 2018

Acer and Samsonite lets you #CarryOn

They say that millenials are always on a quest to find themselves. I have to personally disagree because I think that every generation has actually gone through this phase. Millenials just get more exposure because it is during their time that Facebook, IG stories, and the like exist. It is also during their time that they now have access to portable laptops so light you can carry it anywhere and work even when you're having a moment.

This is something that Samsonite and Acer understands. Sometimes, you just need to take a break but not fully take a break because you are still the responsible person making a go at #adulting.

This year, Acer Philippines’ back-to-school promo is especially made for millennials. Seeing the world’s biggest generation’s constant thirst for adventure and new experiences, the tech giant uses travelling as a motivation to inspire the youth to do well, whether in school or in their professions. Aptly called “#CarryOn”, the Promo encourages the youth to power through the hurdles they encounter in pursuit of their dreams and goals.

The affair also saw the debut of the #CarryOn video, which shows what the back-to-school campaign is all about. Directed by Ms. Irene Villamor, known for her works in Camp Sawi and Meet Me In St. Gallen, the film depicts how the youth turn to travelling as a way to cope and re-energize in the face of the stresses of their daily lives. The full video may be seen in the Acer Facebook Page.

The Acer Philippines #CarryOn Back-to-School Promo will run until June 30, 2018, during which every purchase of qualified Acer and Predator laptops, Acer projectors, and Acer desktop will come with free Samsonite luggage.

I am honestly tempted to buy one just to get that Samsonite luggage. Haha. So if you're planning on getting a laptop, projector, or desktop, Acer may be a great option especially with the free luggage that will come with it.

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