Sunday, May 27, 2018


At one point in your life, you have most likely been bestfriendzoned.
It sucks.
You meet someone who gets you and who you get. You share the same fascination with that weird looking tadpole, believe that french fries go well with ice cream, and have really late night chats.
Absolutely perfect right?
See, even with all of these commonalities between the two of you, how you can't get enough of each other's presence and hang out all the time, there is one thing lacking between you two.
You may be attracted and falling for the other person but that other person just sees you as a friend or worse, a best friend. This has happened to so many people, is happening to someone, and will happen to so many more and being bestfriendzoned hurts just as badly as being rejected. To some, it may even be worse.
You get to see the person all the time, chat, talk, and be updated with everything but that person can never be yours. If fate plays a trick on you, you might even end up helping that person be with the one they actually like, never realizing that they are stabbing you in the heart over and over again leaving you saying in your head to the apple of your love one's eye: "How to be you po?"

Why can't we be like that, wish we could be like that, coz I'm yours?

Love can play mean trick and sadly the only victim and the one to suffer is your heart. What to do then when this happens to you?
  1. Step away. Seriously, step away. You are not a star in a soap opera that gets paid millions to be hurt every single day.
  2. Cut off communication for a period of time until you get back your sanity. This is for your own good and unfair as it may seem to the other person, you need to be fair to yourself first.
  3. This is like a break up so treat it like one. Do all of those things that they tell you to do such as EAT, PRAY, LOVE and find yourself again. You survived before this person came to your life. You will live and be happy again without this person.
  4. When all else fails, confess. The pain of rejection should be enough to wake you up. After, do steps 1-3.
Falling in love is a wonderful thing but when you fall in love with your best friend and your best friend doesn't, it can be pretty awful. However, there is a reason why ice cream and chocolates were invented. Indulge, cry, get up, get gorgeous, and move on. After all, not everyone is smart enough to see what a catch you are.

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