Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ajinomoto's Big Day

One of the things that I grew up with is Ajinomoto. I remember my Mom cooking with it, adding a dash of Ajinomoto to whatever it was she would be cooking. As Ajinomoto celebrates it's 60th year, I feel really happy that they are now back and proving to everyone that Ajinomoto is here to stay.

Last May 25, they unveiled two new developments. They launched the Ajo Seasonings Series Campaign and the new Ajinomoto Group Global Brand Logo.

The campaign was launched to bring together four Ajinomoto seasoning brands:

1. Ajinomoto Umami Seasoning
2. AJI-Ginisa
3. AJI-Porksavor
4. AJI-Chickensavor

They also tapped 3 of the country's biggest stars to show to everyone that with the Ajinomoto seasoning brand helps bring deliciousness to any dish, be it fried, saucy, or soupy.

Anne Curtis is the new endorser of AJI-PORKSAVOR and AJI-CHICKENSAVOR while AJI-GINISA continues to be endorsed by Marian Rivera. They both graced the event to share with media guests their own cooking journey and why they chose to be with the AJINOMOTO family.

I personally cannot wait to use these seasoning to add more flavor to whatever I'll be cooking. Since I'm not well versed in the kitchen as other members of my family are, then this would be of great assistance to me when I'm in the kitchen.

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