Thursday, May 17, 2018

Eden: Comfort food straight from your Childhood

When I was a little girl, I remember vividly munching on Eden slices. You see, my Mom required that we have merienda and sometimes, my nanny would be in a good mood and prepare me a Brown Cow drink paired with Eden slices. Sometimes, I would discard the bread and just eat the Eden slice.

Imagine how happy I was to find out that M also loves cheese and he's not a snob about it. He can go for any kind of cheese as long as it's cheese. He even marvelled when I sent him this photo.

To be honest, I never thought that you could use Eden cheese on a spread like this but they were able to pull it off and it makes me so happy because I have been wanting to do something like this at home for get together's but have always been a bit wary of the cost of the different cheese that I would need to get. This showed me that  can simply use Eden cheese and then put whatever assortment I want (I'm thinking popocorn, pretselz, wafers, grapes, Fita, and watermelon plus Dunkin Donuts mini donuts) and I'd be able to make it look good.

I also didn't realize that you can now use Eden cheese for cooking. We were able to try out 3 different samplers of dishes cooked by Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa and it was actually pretty good.

During the media launch, Eden showed to everyone that it can be paired with a lot of comfort food but for me, Eden slices in itself is already a comfort food. I've had it since I was a kid and will continue to have it now that I am no longer a kid and have a kid of her own.

Even if you can’t have your Mom’s comfort food everyday, Eden Cheese has created ways to provide comfort  to  Filipinos.   One  way  is  through  the Eden Comfort  Food  Maker,  which isplaced  at  strategic locations  around  the  metro  where  people  often need  a  pick-me-uplike  offices,  hospitals  and  bus terminals. The Eden Comfort Food Maker produces a  variety  of  warm  and  cheesy  meals  depending  on the person’s mood and need –Cheesy  Pork  Steak, Cheesy Tuna Melt, Cheesy Pork Giniling and Cheesy Chicken Adobo.

Whether you’re a regular employee needing a break from the demands of office life, or a stranded passenger in the bus terminal waiting for the nextavailable trip, the Eden Comfort Food Maker can cook up a hot, simple dish in just two minutes.

Eden will provide comfort to the people who need it through the best way the brand knows how: Your favorite dishes made more delicious and creamier with Eden Cheese.These efforts will be made part of the brand’s Yakap Stories, a digital series launched in 2017 where Eden Cheese honors the many unsung heroes of today.

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