Sunday, May 20, 2018

Shop easy with Shopwise

One of the things that Moms have to constantly struggle with is figuring out what to cook next? Kids tend to complain if you present them with the same thing over and over again so Moms need to be creative. Sometimes though, it can be quite frustrating so when Shopwise decided to hold a small workshop to teach Moms new tricks, I was all for it.

I don't really cook at home though coz I'm always outside working but these are things that I can take note of when time comes that I'll stay more at home than be outside working.

What I liked about these suggestions from Shopwise is that everything is readily available in their stores. I have always found it weird when a brand suggests something and then they don't have it readily available. It doesn't make sense so I was pretty stoked when I was told I could buy everything on the spot.

Now sometimes, you just also wanna sit back and relax. Shopwise has you back and has also prepared simple drinks that you can enjoy coz you know what? You deserve it.

Whatever it is that you may need, Shopwise will have that for you. It's also not as crowded as other supermarkets and they are PWD friendly which I really like.

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