Thursday, April 23, 2015


So the 2nd week of my quest to fitness has come and gone. Yawyan Alasan and Luminisce are both aiding me in this and I can definitely say that there have been major changes in my life because of this.

I used to love drinking 3in1 coffee and munching on junk foods. When I had food reviews, I would gorge on the food and when I attend events, I would eat or try everything on sight. I would give in to any cravings I have and tell myself it's okay. I had no exercise whatsoever.

Now, I choose what I drink and what I eat. I go for water now or fresh juice (not mango though.) I would choose brewed coffee over the creamier one. Instead of junk food, I would eat green vegetables. When I do food reviews, I would have a bite of each dish and savor it. I work out at least 4x a week and get treatments to aid in my weight loss journey.

Before, you couldn't make me wear shorts because my thighs were just too ugly. Now, I was able to take this shot. TADA!

No I still do not have the thigh gap nor do I want to get one but at least my thighs actually look pretty decent in this shot right? I am so happy because I am only on Day 8 of my Yawyan and Session 3 of RF treatments with Luminisce and I can already see progress. PROGRESS!!!

I'll keep you posted in the coming weeks and months. Do join me in my road to fitness and if you have tips, please feel free to drop a comment. Thank you. :)

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