Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yawyan Alasan

K and I were walking towards a gym inside the village. I was going to enroll her because this is what she requested to do as a summer activity. However, a tarpaulin caught our attention on the seemingly vacant Vatican Building along Vatican Drive. It showed a photo of a woman doing kickboxing. K has always been interested in learning martial arts so I figured that we might as well check it out.

This is on the 3rd floor of the building so for unhealthy creatures like me, getting to Yawyan Alasan was a work out in itself. What I liked about the place was the fact that it was very spacious and there was also a shower and small locker area. The colors were also very Filipino in the feel that it was giving.

This gym is owned by Joamar Parungao (one of four owners) and this just opened last March 14. It is barely a year old but there was already a steady flow of people who were attending.

Membership fee is Php1500 and the monthly rate is Php1000 for 5years old to 15 years of age. For those who are 16 and above, its Php3000 for unlimited sessions. With a shower, huge space, water, and safe environment inside the village, I'd say this is a steal.

Coach Joamar recommends a free trial first before you even make a payment. He shows you an overview of what you will be going thought for you to gauge if this is something that you would really want to do. I think that's a very fair practice and it shows you what kind of a person you are dealing with.

Today, K and I both got a free trial. K was excited, I was dreading it. I haven't worked out in 10 years and so I'm pretty sure my complacent and resting fats were going to go berserk.

Do not be fooled by my smile. I was grunting, groaning, and puffing the whole time before and after this photo was taken.

This is us with Coach Joamar.  I gotta say I love how focused and patient he was with my sister and I. He made us both feel at ease and for the first time in 10 years, I actually look forward to going back and really working out. This is in all honesty because as I am typing this now, my muscles are all hurting and screaming bloody murder.

Yawyan Alasan is open everyday from 8am to 10pm except Sundays when it closes at 6pm. You may call 0917-3252527. Yawyan Alasan is located in 18 Vatican Drive, 3rd Floor Vatican Building, BFRV, Las Pinas, Metro Manila. Yawyan means dance of death. To know more about this form of martial arts, click here.

Follow my posts and hashtag #MsKRoadtoFitness and see how Yawyan and Luminisce will transform me from being a plus size to a medium by this year.

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