Saturday, April 18, 2015

H&M Conscious Collection

What happens when you bring in an exclusive collection that is being launched worldwide plus an ecological twist to the creation? Well, the H&M Conscious Collection happens.

H&M Philippines is currently accepting old clothes that you no longer want which can still be worn to give to charity. In return, if you donate a whole lot of clothes, you get a voucher which you can use to buy H&M items. I love this concept that they came up with. You get to do good things and be rewarded for doing it as well. AWESOME right?

From the collection, these were the two that caught my eye. Sadly, the skirt sold out on the day itself. Sigh. I do have taste. Unfortunately, everyone present that day also had taste. Haha.

I really like H&M and this is why I support their events. They fit the classic look I constantly go for and the clothing they use is durable and functional. It really is fashion meets function and the price, reasonable.

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