Friday, April 24, 2015

Radiance Lift Facial

I have been going to and from events left and right and I have been lacking sleep. Eventhough it doesn't really show much on my face because Luminisce takes great care of my skin, I knew that I was in for a facial already. Long overdue to be honest so I went to Luminisce and scheduled myself for a Radian Lift Facial which was one of their latest offerings.

before the facial
So this facial had 3 steps to it and the first one is the OxyGlow. This is when oxygen is infused in the skin to give it more glow and refresh the skin.

They also did RF on my face to tighten the skin and lift it. It was very soothing and relaxing. I could actually feel the muscles on my face clam up and days later, I feel the tightness but its not an awkward kind of tight where you can't move your face anymore. It's just tighter, younger looking skin and this matters since I am already in my mid-30s.

As you can see, I had absolutely no make up when I attended my events after the facial but my skin looks radiant. People actually thought I had foundation on because it was glowing. Once again, I am impressed with the treatments made by Luminisce. You always manage to bring out the inner goddess hiding inside with your skin care treatments.

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