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Summer Fruit Australia

This was the view we had during the Summer Fruit Australia launch that was held at Sofitel a couple of days ago. It was absolutely stunning which was perfect because one bite of the grapes  and pear that came all the way over from Australia and you would actually feel like you were transported to the land where these fruits came from.

John Moore, CEO of Summer Fruits Australia Limitied, Jeffrey Scott, CEO of the Australian table Grape Association, and Olivia Tait, Market Development Manager of the Apple and Pear Australia Ltd. graced the event and even explained to us where the fruits are grown, gave us tips on how to spot a good one, and even recommended some recipes we can use to cook the fruits with. YES, you read that right, COOK.

John Moore, Olivia Tait, and Jeffrey Scott
Chef Tim Hollands did a live demonstration on how to cook some of the fruits and I must say it was impressive. This is what he made for us.
French Toast with Glazed Pear and Almonds

I enjoyed the grape juice with pear. It was heavenly and if all juices were this good, I'd most likely drink more of these all the time. I'm glad that Australia is importing their products here to give us a chance to also enjoy their healthy farm produce. I just wish that our own agricultural department was as aggressive in telling people about our own products the same way the Australian embassy is.


  1. I wanna try the french toast with almonds! looks delicious!

  2. Atleast with this event and campaign, we know and is assured of the quality of the australian produce we have here. Sana our government would do the same.

  3. I love eating pears even if it usually gets stuck in between my teeth. Haha! But I don't think I have I ever tried pears from Australia. :)

  4. I agree. In fact, the pears given to us are still surprisingly sweet and good to eat! Too bad, I wasnt able to taste the juice.. I was too busy, talking! LOL.

  5. My mom attended this event too! Devoured the grapes she brought home - they were too good!

  6. Pears and grapes are really my favorite. Looks like you really enjoyed the event! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I was there! Were we at the same table for the briefing?
    I really wanted to taste the french toast but didn't get around to it. In any case, we got to taste the fruits and they were delicious!
    Just like you I chose the grape juice with vodka and the pear slice. It was quite yummy that I had 3 glasses. :D

  8. Love the article. The grape juice looks yummy too!

  9. I want to try that glazed pear! my mom used to do that before. It's so yummy!

  10. I agree with your last sentence. We have so much to offer and it's a shame that our government doesn't take their cue from other countries in aggressively promoting their local produce...


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