Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gellish Nail Polish

 I have never been a fan of nail polish, much less gel nail polish because it is very hard to take off and requires a fee to be removed. Since I'm not really into spending a lot of money for beauty and such, I thought it was a frivolous thing to do. I mean, who pays to remove nail polish?

However it seems that as with my relationship with make up,skin care, and hair care, things were about to change. I was about to embark and find myself falling in with the world of gel nail polish and discover why so many beauty enthusiasts were going gaga over it.

 This is the glow gel polish that I had last March 30. It has been through 2 beaches and 5 sessions of kickboxing and MMA nad it is still in perfect condition. Now I understand why girls go crazy over this. It really is long lasting and it doesn't chip. I mean, come on, I did kickboxing and punches with gloves and all and it still looked absolutely perfect. You gotta give that credit.

After it was taken off, I was very happy to see that my nails were still looking very fine and healthy even with the usage of gel polish. Afterwards, I chose an emerald green gel polish and for the first time, I am truly happy with the colors. I felt that it wasn't too green nor too over the top.

I can say that I am now a convert of gel polish and can't think of ever going back to regular gel polish.

One happy customer.

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