Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Creamsilk Portraits: A World Class Filipina

They say that women can now make things happen if they want to and I truly believe that. However, since the Filipinas has been raised to always put forward everyone else before themselves, we have a tendency to forget our own passion and dreams until it becomes nothing but just an afterthought, a very severe "what if?"

Creamsilk, with their campaign, #WorldClassFilipina aims to change that perspective or outlook of the Filipina. They are set to spark a movement to inspire Filipinas to dream big and achieve limitless possibilities. Creamsilk launched 4 new ambassadors to show the Filipina and the world that one can pursue their dreams and make things happen if only they want it hard enough.

Two of the ambassadors they have are people that I truly admire. Heart Evangelista reminds me of me because she has gone through so many personal trials and heart breaks that it is amazing how she turned those pain into something beautiful and amazing which are her artworks. She is a very talented painter and her Love Marie exhibits are simply amazing.

Lea Salonga on the other hand I admire for her tenacity and her determination. She is exactly the kind of person who persevered and achieved her dreams through hard work and sheer will + talent and opportunities she did not let slip by. I want to be like her and make things happen.

I loved what they said about being a World Class Filipina.

" With #WorldClassFilipinas Toni Gonzaga, Heart Evangelista, Anne Curtis, and Lea Salonga at the helm, Cream Silk collaborated with internationally acclaimed film director, Marie Jamora, to produce a short film aimed at bringing the #WorldClassFilipina movement to life.

Cream Silk Portraits: A Celebration of the #WorldClassFilipina weaves the inspiring stories of the four women. Taking the audience through an intimate journey of their struggles and triumphs, the story revolves around a common plot, reminding the Filipina that the journey to becoming world-class is never easy. There will be roadblocks along the way, but unique to these four women and to countless other Filipinas is how they handle these obstacles and turn them into opportunities for success.

At the start of their careers, Toni, Heart, Anne, and Lea couldn’t imagine being recognized as world-class. And although they may differ in passions and interests, their superior beauty, exceptional ability, and winning confidence empowered them to conquer the world stage, and prove that no dream is too big for the Filipina.

Every year since Cream Silk Hair Sonata in 2013 and the Cream Silk 30th Anniversary Ball in 2014, Cream Silk has endeavored to shine the spotlight, not only on women of beauty, but also on inspiring women of strength, empowerment and substance.

Last April 21, Cream Silk held a special celebration at The Theatre at Solaire to launch their #WorldClassFilipina movement. Attended by some of the country’s most beautiful and successful women, the event left the audience inspired and invigorated as they, too, declared their support for the movement.

World-class prima ballerina, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, opened the night with an inspiring speech about her journey to becoming world-class. Faced with cross roads, Lisa expounded on her dreams of becoming a ballerina and owning the world stage, at a time where it seemed nearly impossible for this to happen." 

Everyone thinks that their dreams are out of reach or that they won't succeed. We need to change that mindset. We need to believe that we can make things happen. We can achieve our dreams. We can overcome obstacles that are in the way with our strength and courage. We can be who we are meant to be because we are World Class Filipinas and its time the world sees us as we are meant to be.

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