Sunday, April 19, 2015

Starbucks Summer Promo 2015

Comein in your most summery outfit. This was what the invitation from Starbucks said and along with this, we were told that we could bring two friends with us. Now, I decided to brin gin two bloggers who have never been to a Starbucks event so that they can have a feel of what its like because I remembered how I felt the first time I attended one.

Sheer giddiness.

our team won Best in Summery Outfit

So yesterday, we had the chance to try the Summery Berry Panna Cotta and the Dark Mocha Panna Cotta. I loved both of them even though I am not a big fan of frappucinos. They were actually able to make the panna cotta work with the frappucino. It did not taste gross. It was sweet and it was truly something.

Dark Mocha and Summer Berry
They also have new tumblers that will be released. These 3 caught my eye and I am actually interested in getting them since they are so colorful.

They are also releasing the 2nd MINI card and a celebration card. The new MINI has a top view of a beach and can be gotten with an initial load of Php500 and the celebration card with an initial load of Php300. I already have the MINI card and I am so happy.

Starbucks is also offering new food items as well as coffee. These three got my thumbs up. They were so good that I literally had to stop myself from gorging since I am on the road to a fitter body.

Chicken Cheese Steak Wrap

Herb and Cheese Toast

Italian Chicken and Ham on Flat Bread

I love how Starbucks always makes me feel so loved whenever I attend an event of theirs. They really know how to show appreciation. They gave us a beach towel as well as a beach bag. Now I just need to find me a beach. I also got a smaller tote bag, a tumbler holder as well as a new tumbler which I gave to my friend since she never had a tumbler and she recently graduated.

All of these will be available starting April 21, 2015. 

Starbucks has always been my go to place when I need to write and think, spend time with friends and family, as well as get to know someone. It's been my 3rd home since it first opened and it always will be.

Yep!We loved the photobooth.

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