Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Marshall Headphones

One of the things that I am particular about are my headphones and my speakers. As someone who dances, I prefer that my music blasts and the bass be all over the place so that I'd feel it in my moves and steps. As someone who almost always has a headphone stuck to my ears, I want the music to be smooth and precise, not something that would make me cringe when high notes hit.

Thankfully, Marshall headphones and speakers are able to address this with their latest offering. When I plug in the Marshall headphones, the world disappears and I am lost in my music. It cancels out all outside noise so it is pure bliss listening to my music.

It was a bit of a struggle learning how to put it in because of the new design but I did like it. It secures the earphones inside your ear and even when you dance, which I sometimes do when I'm listening to dance music, it doesn't easily fall off. It's also sweat proof which is a good thing. The cords don't easily tangle which matters to me since I have the tendency to just put the earphones in my bag straight away without being bothered to fix it or roll it.

Overall, I must say that I am impressed with this Marshall Headphone. It's definitely worth every peso. This sells for Php2950 at Beyond the Box and Digital Walker.

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