Monday, April 13, 2015

Etude Sugar Tint Balm

Etude has a new line of lippies and this time, its a combination of lip balm and lipstick. They call it the Sugar Tint Balm and I am in love with it. It glides so smoothly, stays on for about 3 hours before I need to reapply and it has that balmy sweet taste.

I got this shade because it gives my lips a pinky shade which looks almost natural. It looks like I just have pinkish lips instead of having lipstick on.

Head over to the nearest Etude shop and get your own Sugar Tint Balm. I plan to have all shades and use it according to what I'm wearing. I'm lipstick crazy like that.


  1. I miss Etude, they don't have it here in the Middle East. My fave is their nail polishes, I managed to get a few before I came here, though.

  2. you look lovely and i am a big fan of etude house too, will definitely try this!



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