Thursday, September 4, 2014


Grandparents. They’re the quiet yet amused voice that says yes when our parents say no. They never forget a birthday, even if sometimes, they forget how to spell your name. And for some unfathomable reason, the meals they cook are always the best. Win or lose, they always have a warm smile and comforting hug waiting just for us. Their presence keeps us grounded, because they represent our roots. They remind us of home.

Spend time with your elders… While we’re busy growing up, they are growing old.

This photo was taken June of 2012 during my Lolo's 80th birthday and also their 50th year of being together. It was also the same day that they officially got married after being together for 50 years. In a way, I feel that they waited for this to happen, to finally be one in the eyes of God because months after, my Lola passed away and in less than a year, my Lolo followed her to heaven. I feel happy that we were all there to witness this very important day for both of them. This was also the last photo that I have with both of them.

Whenever I see this photo, I feel so much joy for them because even when they were not legally married, they embodied what a real marriage was and they raised their children the best way they know how. They showed me what real love is ... unconditional love and in my everyday life, I try to do what they have shown me and give unconditional love to my family and most especially to my son.  
Grandparents have a special place in everyone’s hearts that a day was declared just for them! This September 7, make your grandparents feel loved, the way they’ve done for you all life.

SM Supermalls believes in the value of family, so they’ve lined up special treats and activities that you and your grandparents can enjoy, in honor of their special day: 


A family that prays together, stays together. Bring lolo and lola to mass at an SM mall on September 7. There will be a special blessing for grandparents right after the ceremony. Before hitting shops and having fun, say a little prayer, and thank the Lord for putting such loving elders in your life.

For the list of SM Malls that will have a mass for Grand Parents Day, please visit this link:


SM Supermalls wants to spoil your grandparents! Bring lolo and lola to any SM mall from August 25 to September 7, because senior citizens will get special gifts and discounts from certain shops, restaurants and the SM Foodcourt.

Specifically on September 7, The SM Store will give senior citizens a 10% discount for a minimum P1,000 single-receipt purchase of any regular-priced item, as long as they present their senior citizen card with their SM Advantage Card. There’s a priority checkout lane to make shopping easier for seniors as well!


From August 25 to September 7, make memories with your grandparents and preserve them through a picture and message on the dedication and photo walls located in SM malls. Pose the grooviest photo of you and your grandparents on Instagram, use the hashtag #YOLOLO #YOLOLA and get the chance to win P5,000 worth of GCs!


On September 7, ask lolo and lola to show you how they used to party! Musicians will be performing 50s and 60s tunes in SM malls for your grandparents’ entertainment. Feel free to dance with them, while they’re still able to!

#YOLOLO and #YOLOLA only live once! So invite your lola, nans, grannies, lolo, grampa, paps, grandads to an amazing day out at the SM mall nearest you because at SM Supermalls, EVERYTHING'S HERE for the love of Lolo and Lola!

To find out more about the SM Supermalls’ Grandparents Day activities, visit this link:

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