Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Last Saturday, B and I trooped over to Glorietta Activity Center to take a peek at BellySima. Thanks to Ton of the Mercato group who invited us over, we were able to see the newest offering of food porn in the market.

I liked that it was filled with organic and healthier options but there was still the resident sprinkling of sweets and a few arts and craft places here and there.

Friggies is a lifestlye drink that I really liked because it is not a meal replacement, but rather a supplement. You can eat normal food and then take this to help you regulate your digestion which would then help with losing weight.

Sitsirya is another brand that I really liked because it was so yummy. The Pastillas was soft and delicious. It was sweetness in every bite and I had to literally stop myself from buying because 10 boxed would not have been enough. Even their Yema Tart was to die for.

Maarte Handicrafts creates personalized bag tags and coin purse. I loved it because you can put the names of your love ones and I'm all for those kind of things.

Nature Earth is something that my son has been eating the whole week. He had the Cassava Chips yesterday and then the Kamote Chips today. He liked it and even shared it with his classmates who also ate it, not knowing it was a vegetable and therefore healthy.

My son and I enjoyed BellySima and liked that we had a few choice products that we can promote and support. For more information and for the schedules, go to BellySima FB Page 

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